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Will Tapestry 5 be the next component based web framework?

Posted on: June 4, 2007

This is the next big question that will be around Java web developer.

Will Tapestry 5 be the next component based web framework?

Why does this question will arise among Java developer? The reason is this: Component based framework is the next generation in web mvc framework after action based framework. Action based framework is no longer relevant for today’s web application’s demand. Developers are looking for the most appropriate component framework for their project. Currently among the competitor (the most popular available IMHO) there are: Wicket, JSF, Tapestry. Now I want to talk about Tapestry since I’m not in the mood comparing component based framework and make the comparison matrix since there are just too many of it on the web.

Tapestry has a long bumpy road along the way until tapestry 4. Not many organization I know or I worked for used tapestry for their project. Struts were the most used at that time. Two of my latest project I did for the company I worked for used struts. I myself at that time just by looking at tapestry 3 document felt that tapestry is damn too difficult to use. But now the story has changed. Howard, the founder of tapestry project have learned the lesson and bring some revolution in Java web mvc component based framework by making the next version of tapestry, which is version 5. Here is a short quote from the tapestry-users mailing list to show you an insight how tapestry 5 is picked up by developers so quickly.

Just wanted to inject a simple reminder: Tapestry 5 is still an alpha-level product. It’s still evolving. There are gaps in the functionality and in the documentation. I’m very heartened by so many people wanting to preview Tapestry 5 but just remember it is a preview and an early one. It’s coming together rapidly but the realities of open source development is that I have responsibilities outside of Tapestry that have to come first *. The same goes for all the other developers. It is a difficult balance for me, because I want to answer more questions on the mailing list, but the way to best help the community is to keep my nose down in the code. Keep having fun, and try to stay patient, Howard

Eventhough tapestry 5 is still on alpha version, but numerous people dare themselves to use tapestry 5 both for production or just for learning. This is a good news for both tapestry fans or even Java web app developers in general. I myself have tried using tapestry 5 for personal experiment. And what I can say is, WOW. It really is easy as it is said on the tapestry web.

Here are some noteworthy features from tapestry 5 based from what I have tried so far:

  1. Making components is so easy as it can be created from a simple POJO.
  2. Creating web pages is easy as it only requires an HTML.
  3. Deployment is easy as you don’t need to restart your appserver since tapestry has its own classloader.
  4. Testing is easy as it give you some mock based on TestNG.
  5. There is no XML configuration at all and the only XML you will touch is web.xml.
  6. Everything from pages and component are around convention.

So back to the question, will Tapestry 5 be the next component based web framework? Why don’t you go try and see it for yourself to break your curiosity and not just eat the marketing word from tapestry


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