Joshua Java

Need some time to learn

Posted on: September 18, 2007

I really need some time to learn a few of these framework but couldn’t find time for it since I have been too busy with stuffs.  Some of those frameworks are:

  1. JBoss Drools.  I think  Drools is  a cool  rule  engine that really can simplify programming model and very agile especially for projects that the business case changes often
  2. Pentaho. I think Pentaho has some cool stuffs regarding  reporting platform
  3. Web Service. I still don’t know whether to learn CXF or JBossWS. Both are cool but from what I’ve seen both are really tightly integrated. CXF though can be used without Spring but has Spring in mind, while on the other hand JBossWS really tightly integrated with JBoss AS though it supplied an integration with tomcat.

Well that’s on my agenda. Hopefully I can find some time to learn those frameworks.


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