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Damn VB

Posted on: October 22, 2007

Darned. Now I need to learn VB 6.0 because the project that is assigned to me is done by another programmer with VB 6.0.

Everything seems to be weird for me in VB. Variable declaration, function calling, the overall syntax is so weird. The language is bad, it doesn’t teach you good practice in programming. Especially OOP design, though it is quite easy understanding the concept of event handling programming.

I also hate how VB limitate on how many line continutations you can use. Line continuation in VB is much rather like breaking a long statement to a new line. I don’t have any problem at all with this in Java, since you’ll just need to hit the return key and there is no limitation on how many return key you can use.

And the worst of all, all the docs seems to be redirected to VB.NET nowadays since Microsoft has stop support for VB6 😦


3 Responses to "Damn VB"

i was use vb 6 (not as first language program in 1999, it’s easy,fast,simple for develop database application in environment windows.
you can use cd ofmsdn that bundled in vb 6 for more documentation of vb can search the cd msdn in mangga2 if offline mode
or open this url

Yes, VB is very nice for building desktop application. It’s fast because it’s native to Windows. But as a language it’s very bad. All of this has been fixed in VB.NET. From my first sight VB.NET syntax is much nicer and has better OOP support than the previous version.

instead of using, why don’t you use C#?

you’ll find that C# is easier to learn since you handle Java all this time — C# looks “closer” to Java than does.

.net framework allow programmers work on a project using one or more language, lho…

*former programmer — now learning C#

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