Joshua Java

PostgreSQL for Mac: Thank you EnterpriseDB

Posted on: September 8, 2008

I’ve been a Mac user and developing apps with Mac since a few months ago. One of the software that I use for development is PostgreSQL. But unfortunately until recently Postgres doesn’t supply a MacOS X distribution. But recently EnterpriseDB built a PostgreSQL distribution for MacOS X and also bundled with pgAdmin. You gotta love pgAdmin, it just makes development with PostgresSQL much easier. Thanks EnterpriseDB, now I can develop with PostgreSQL easily on Mac.


4 Responses to "PostgreSQL for Mac: Thank you EnterpriseDB"

You are quite welcome. We are big fans of the Mac and OS/X at EnterpriseDB. I also use our distribution on the Mac everyday.

Bob Zurek
CTO EnterpriseDB

Thanks Bob. Hopefully it is a long term support for MacOSX PostgreSQL. 🙂

Hi Joshua,

I completely agree, EnterpriseDB does a great job (including support and training also)….


how to restart apache in enterpriseDB?

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