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Merry Christmas everyone. Hopefully you all enjoyed this year’s festive season and may all your dreams come true.


Several contributors from Java User Group Indonesia, including me, have received this year’s Sun Community Leader Award. It’s quite awesome knowing that your contribution to the community is being recognized and awarded. Community Leader Award is from my point of view is more like Microsofts MVP or Java Champion. But I think the name should be something like Community Contributors Award? or Sun’s Valuable Contributors? Hmmh.

Vikaz Hazrati brought up a hot discussion that I throw in scrum development mailing list about handling absence in Scrum teams. The reason why I throw this question because I want to know whether Scrum still can deliver the backlog on schedule eventhough one or some of the team member is absent. It was quite an interesting discussion and some great feedback from some of the Scrum masters.


I’ve been a Mac user and developing apps with Mac since a few months ago. One of the software that I use for development is PostgreSQL. But unfortunately until recently Postgres doesn’t supply a MacOS X distribution. But recently EnterpriseDB built a PostgreSQL distribution for MacOS X and also bundled with pgAdmin. You gotta love pgAdmin, it just makes development with PostgresSQL much easier. Thanks EnterpriseDB, now I can develop with PostgreSQL easily on Mac.

I’m in the middle of deciding which wiki tool to use. I really like the features the the ease of using trac wiki since I am using it on my current freelance project, but at the sametime I think Confluence is also as good since JUG Indonesia has been granted a Confluence license by Atlassian. What do you think is better based on your experience?

Recently I evaluated two popular opensource project, Liferay and XWiki. It turns out that both of these projects still use Struts1 for their MVC model. I thought no one would use Struts1 anymore considering there are so many better frameworks out there. I proved myself wrong.

Darned. Now I need to learn VB 6.0 because the project that is assigned to me is done by another programmer with VB 6.0.

Everything seems to be weird for me in VB. Variable declaration, function calling, the overall syntax is so weird. The language is bad, it doesn’t teach you good practice in programming. Especially OOP design, though it is quite easy understanding the concept of event handling programming.

I also hate how VB limitate on how many line continutations you can use. Line continuation in VB is much rather like breaking a long statement to a new line. I don’t have any problem at all with this in Java, since you’ll just need to hit the return key and there is no limitation on how many return key you can use.

And the worst of all, all the docs seems to be redirected to VB.NET nowadays since Microsoft has stop support for VB6 😦