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At the time being I am doing a Flex project for my client. Alot of people has been praising Flex for being the answer in the RIA world. In one way and the other, it’s true: Flex is really sexy, because it can bring all of the interactiveness and statefulness from desktop app world to the webapp world. But there is a but. It’s good from user’s point of view. But from developer’s point of view, it’s a different story. You might have to think again whether or not to use Flex for your next project if you are currently considering to use Flex. What I’m saying here doesn’t mean that Flex is not good, but rather I’m saying there is a consideration you might have to think about before you want to use Flex and there is consequences to get all of those sexiness.

Flex is good for a reason, but it’s not for the other reason. Doing almost everything in Flex is quite different compared to regular web development using html, css and javascript (or web 2.0 as some people say). I’ve even made a presentation about this and shared it with JUG-Indonesia several months ago. For some people there will be some pains they have to go through when entering the Flex world. And for some people these differences might not be acceptable because in one way or the other it can affect the productivity of the developers in the team. Anyway, all in all the reason you might not want to use Flex is:
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