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Yesterday we were evaluating GWT to be used as a wrapper for the GMap API. And one thing we need in our apps is to be able to drop marker and follow where the last marker is dropped.
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Okay, so here’s the problem what I faced recently. I’m doing a research on using GWT because we’re currently evaluating whether or not to use GWT in the future. I am trying to use GWT and stuck on using the Hyperlink widget. There were two problems that I faced:

  1. First I need to figure out how does Hyperlink changed the content of our view. Well in traditional web framework, you just fire out the page file with the href attribute. This is not the case with GWT. Because everything is done in Asynchronous way. Gee weez I always had problem thinking in Asynchronous way of thinking.
  2. Okay, when I have solved that, I came into the next problem. When user clicked the link and user hit the back button it should redirect me to the previous content. Remember when I said that with GWT you don’t actually fire out the file name?

Now you must be saying: “Yeach mate, there’s already an example in the GWT’s Showcase example complete with the source code.” Okay you’re right, but the problem is, the code is too complex, there’s already custom code in it which makes it really difficult to understand the niche of GWT itself. “But mate, there are already numerous blog entry that wrote about this”. Well all of them only writes on how to display the historyToken, but this is not what we’ll do in real application.
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