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There’s some gossip on the Tapestry mailing list that the next version of JSF (version 2.0) will be based on Tapestry 5. This could be right since Howard (Tapestry founder) is listed on the expert group. Beyond that reason, some of the features that is planned to be available on JSF 2.0 is already available on Tapestry 5. One of the most interesting point that will be available on JSF 2.0 that I think is influenced by Tapestry 5 is this:

Allow for “zero configuration” web applications. No faces-config.xml, no web.xml. If necessary, annotations will be used to supplement the configuration data

Tapestry 5 already have this feature but there’s a small configuration on web.xml. If JSF 2.0 are able to have no configuration at all even at web.xml, I think this will be a great revolution on the web framework space. Will JSF 2.0 have a scanner that will scan a spesific class that will bootstrap and contains all the configurations? Just by reading this, I can’t wait to see JSF 2.0 released 😀
Another points that I think is interesting about JSF 2.0 is this:

  1. Make it very easy to create CRUD based applications. This is interesting, since one of the burden on making Java web apps is integrating the web layer and data access layer. I don’t know how will JSF 2.0 implement this, but it surely is worth waiting for.
  2. Component aggregation. Allow development of custom component with little or no Java coding. This is also interesting if you know how difficult it is to create custom component in JSF. I hope Tapestry 5.0 will influence JSF 2.0 on this point 😀 since creating components in tapestry 5.0 is just around a simple POJO
  3. Make it easy to expose your data by leveraging the Java Persistence API. I just love JPA. Enough said. If JSF 2.0 featured a tight integration with JPA, I think this will be a great added features. Tapestry 5 itself already have a module for injecting Hibernate session into Page component.

There are also some other features that provides a tight integration with AJAX. If JSF 2.0 provides a built in AJAX, does this mean we don’t need added AJAX components such as RichFaces or IceFaces anymore?
Well don’t just take my word. Go and read the spec your self from the site and pray that it will be available soon 😉

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