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I know that Seam is by default use ant for building the project and the seam-gen generates the ant projec structure, but there are several reasons I found quite worthy to use maven with Seam.

  1. Seam requires alot of library and they are often comes in large size such as the embeddable-jboss library. So what is important about it? It is important if you are doing a project where the developers spans across several countries. You still don’t get it? It will be a problem if you are going to check out from the source repository with all those libraries.
    For people that comes from a country where bandwith is cheap, this might not be a problem but for people like me where bandwith here is expensive this is a problem.
  2. Also it will be a problem if new libraries comes/has been released and you must update it to the source repository back and forth. Again, it’s only a problem for people that comes from a country where bandwith is expensive.
    With maven you only required to change a small property inside pom.xml and then just commit back those pom.xml to the source repository instead of deleting the library from the source repo, then commit it back again. Get the idea?

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