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Generally you won’t find any problem setting up Wicket on Websphere 5 using WicketFilter. But there are some situation where you just can’t use WicketFilter. One case of that is if you integrate Wicket with Spring, then you’re in trouble. Why?

  1. ContextLoaderListener doesnt’ work on Websphere 5 which is another darkside of Websphere because Servlet 2.3 spec already support listener and it should work on any container.
  2. That means you need to use ContextLoaderServlet.

Is that it?
No. You’re still on another problem. Read the rest of this entry »


So I went searching for another web framework that fits into the company’s app server infrastructure. The company uses an IBM Websphere AS 5.1 which still uses Servlet 2.3 spec. Wicket is one of Java web framework that works on JDK 1.4 and Servlet 2.3, it just works nicely (with some configuration). Read the rest of this entry »

For the last 4 days I’ve been working with application to be deployed on IBM Websphere 5.1. But Websphere seems to be so weird besides it is so resource consuming :(. Application that has error on runtime can not be started on WAS and if I’ve got error when I start the apps from the console, it just doesn’t give informative exception.
This is what I mean by not very informative:

[11/8/07 20:17:07:242 ICT] 29b9c03e WebGroup E SRVE0026E: [Servlet Error]-[]: java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.apache.jsp._error._jspService(

So I went on finding other appserver that is lighter, can give informative exception and somewhat similar to WAS because the apps connects to a JNDI datasource. I went on for Glassfish since it’s quite similar to WAS. Though I like JBoss, but it has different naming to WAS which requires me to change the configuration back and forth.

Well it simply works and it’s much lighter than WAS both during startup and during runtime. I can figure out the problem because eventhough the apps has error, Glassfish still allows the apps to be started and when I hit the browser to run the apps it shows a very informative stacktrace.
This is what I mean by very informative:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: PWC1651: Class has unsupported major or minor version numbers, which are greater than those found in the Java Runtime Environment version 1.5.0_11
at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.findClass(

Also it has a very nice look and feel 😉 And oh, best of all, it’s free, as I don’t have to spend alot of money for something that does not help my productivity.

Thanks Glassfish.