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It has been a long time since Struts first showed up and filled in the Java web framework space. Many people nowadays are still using Struts which mainly because of legacy and investments reasons. But more people are moving away towards component based frameworks these days. JSF has got to be the most popular component framework out there, considering it is supported by many vendors and being itself as a standard from JCP. I’m not going to talk about JSF nor the up and coming release of JSF 2.0, instead I’m going to write about the other two popular component based web framework fostered by Apache: Wicket and Tapestry 5

In the near future there will be two interesting component framework that will be released by Apache Foundation: Wicket 1.4 and Tapestry 5 which I will elaborate in a very short few moment. Alot of people out there are asking, which one is better out of these two? First of all, we need to be on the same platform before continuing any further. This blog entry is not intended to be a web framework bashing discussion, but just to give insights for people who are curious about the difference between these two frameworks. The features that I will discuss will only be limited to the usage of the two frameworks.

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Generally you won’t find any problem setting up Wicket on Websphere 5 using WicketFilter. But there are some situation where you just can’t use WicketFilter. One case of that is if you integrate Wicket with Spring, then you’re in trouble. Why?

  1. ContextLoaderListener doesnt’ work on Websphere 5 which is another darkside of Websphere because Servlet 2.3 spec already support listener and it should work on any container.
  2. That means you need to use ContextLoaderServlet.

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So I went searching for another web framework that fits into the company’s app server infrastructure. The company uses an IBM Websphere AS 5.1 which still uses Servlet 2.3 spec. Wicket is one of Java web framework that works on JDK 1.4 and Servlet 2.3, it just works nicely (with some configuration). Read the rest of this entry »